About the PIF

What is the Policy Insights Forum?

The Policy Insights Forum is a non-partisan, non- organization with a commitment to facilitating meaningful Canadian public policy discussions regarding national defence, international relations, emergent disruptive technologies, climate change, and the economy.

Inside the Forum

The Policy Insights Forum (PIF) helps improve public policy and decision-making through independent research, analysis, and engagement. The PIF is committed to facilitating meaningful public discourse on strategic over-the-horizon issues of importance to Canada and the world.

Critical Challenges: The PIF helps find policy solutions to challenging problems of critical importance to the public.

Commitment to Education: The PIF operates an independent Internship Program dedicated to Public Policy literacy and engagement at the university graduate level in Canada. Our commitment to education means that we are helping to shape and inspire the next generation of Policy Leaders at the forefront of innovation and academic excellence.

Advancing Future Policy

We work with scholars and leaders who wish to share their in-depth research, nonpartisan policy analysis, and original perspectives on strategic policy matters. In addition to our Forum, we issue publications, organize roundtable discussions and other sponsored events in Canada and abroad.

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We also partner with associations, policy think‐tanks, the media and government organizations in Canada, the U.S. and around the world.

Policy Research & Analysis

We provide independent and in-depth policy research and analysis. Our research provides decision makers with strategic fact-based support in a variety of areas to assist government bodies, private sector organizations and other stakeholder groups improve policy decision-making.

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Executive Director

"As the Executive Director of Policy Insights Forum, I believe we are only as strong as the company we keep. After a few years with this organization, I am confident that we are surrounded by the best people dedicated to facilitating meaningful public discourse on strategic horizon issues of importance to Canada and the world."

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Advisory Board

Our  Advisory Board meets several times per year and recommends candidates to the PIF Fellowship Program. Successful candidates are then invited to participate in publications, guest speakers, or attend other special events. The PIF confers the title of Fellow to each of our nominated candidates to appreciate their contribution to public policy discourse.


Executive Team

Our Executive Team at Policy Insights Forum is in charge of the daily operations at our head office located in Ottawa, Canada.


Fellows and Policy Interns

Our Fellows and Policy Interns are distinguished Canadian Leaders in academia, industry and government who have been brought together to provide research, policy recommendations, and analysis on a full range of public policy issues, including defence, national security, technology, and the economy.

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