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We facilitate meaningful Canadian public policy discussions regarding national defence, international relations, emergent disruptive technologies, climate change, and the economy.
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Welcome Message from the Executive Director

February 24, 2023
Dear Policy Insights Friends, Supporters and Partners, 

As the Executive Director of Policy Insights Forum (PIF), I believe we are only as strong as the company we keep. After a few years with this organization, I am confident that we are surrounded by the best people dedicated to facilitating meaningful public discourse on strategic horizon issues of importance to Canada and the world. 

I recognize the importance and the responsibilities of leading a non-partisan policy organizer focused on being an engagement convenor, a place where people can exchange ideas freely. I remain committed to tackling issues of importance to national security,  including policy literacy, civic engagement and advancing national interests, one policy at a time. My goal is to build upon the incredible work and momentum of the PIF while looking toward the future with growth in mind. 

We are also committed to efficiently using our resources to achieve impactful public policy and decision-making through independent research, analysis, and engagement. We aspire to revive a sense of civic duty and engage with people that want to leave Canada and the world a better place.

Fortunately, we have the right people on our side. We have an enthusiastic, knowledgeable Board of Directors, a committed team of employees, senior fellows, and policy associates with decades of experience, and a community of emerging leaders, volunteers and donors who are steadfast in their support.

I thank you for choosing to make a difference in projecting and transmitting Canadian values and commitments to the next generation of policy leaders. You are a crucial friend to the PIF, and I want you to know that my door is always open.

In the coming months, I plan to engage with our stakeholders to understand where we are as an organization and where we need to be. Each of you has a unique perspective on critical issues and how we can advocate for policy changes that can propel Canada forward. I'm eager to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time at fatima.atik@policyinsights.ca 

With gratitude, 
Fatima Atik

Latest Engagement

Industry Leaders Visit NATO HQ in Brussels for NPSE 2023

February 24, 2023
The Policy Insights Forum, a member of the Samuel Group of Companies, in partnership with NATO, the Government of Canada, the Government of Belgium and the Canadian Commercial Corporation, is pleased to bring Canadian business leaders to NATO Headquarters for its second annual NATO-Private Sector Engagement (NPSE) event from February 21-24 2023.
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Feb 21 - 24, 2023

Advancing the New Space Frontier: Opportunities for Defence and Commercial Organizations

February 24, 2023
We are pleased to host a Strategic Virtual Roundtable on the topic of "Advancing the New Space Frontier: Opportunities for Defence and Commercial Organizations". Join Space experts from Space Canada, Satellogic North America, Calian and Telesat for an informative discussion hosted by PIF's executive director Fatima Atik. The Roundtable will be followed by Q&As. Participants are encouraged to provide their questions in advance at info@policyinisghts.ca or through the Live Comments function on LinkedIn.
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Wed, Sep 28, 2022, 11:15 AM - 12:30 PM ET

NATO-Private Sector Engagement

February 24, 2023
In Spring 2022, the Policy Insights Forum led the inaugural NATO-Private Sector Engagement Initiative at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. For three-days, we brought together top Canadian Industry leaders with 16 NATO senior-level officials to discuss emerging defence opportunities, procurement, and other areas of collaboration with Allied Nations and private Industry.
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March 30 - April 1, 2022

The Strategic Thinkers Series

The PIF is excited to announce this new series, which will dive deep into discussions with forward-thinking authors, leaders, and academics to discuss future strategic policy implications for Canada and its allies.
See the latest episode

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A unique platform for subject matter experts and distinguished leaders in academia, industry, and government to make impactful contributions on issues vital to Canada’s national interests.

We facilitate meaningful Canadian public policy discussions regarding national defence, international relations, emergent disruptive technologies, climate change and the economy.

We host Conferences and Roundtable Events with prominent organizations, subject matter experts and government officials.

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