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Emerging Leaders & Young Entrepreneurs

The Policy Insights Forum's Emerging Leaders, Young Entrepreneurs and Transatlantic initiatives engages individuals aged 18 to 30 at the intersection of international security and dual-use technology. The program acknowledges the critical role of youthful leadership in the dynamic field of international security, with a focus on the dual capabilities of technologies like artificial intelligence and biotechnology.

These youth initiative combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience, motivating young innovators to spearhead ethical advancements in these sectors. It aims to incorporate the unique viewpoints of diverse youth, facilitating inclusive discussions, enhancing informed policymaking, and advocating for united efforts to address global security issues. Ultimately, the program seeks to equip young individuals with the tools to contribute to a well-informed, united global community in the domains of security and technology.

Canada's Emerging Leaders: Fostering a Secure and United Global Outlook

Our Emerging Leaders Program selects a bright group of individuals aged 18 to 30, symbolizing not only the future of Canada but also the prospect of a globally secure tomorrow. The contributions and involvement of these young leaders are essential in defining Canada's progressive stance in international affairs. This program underscores Canada's commitment to global security, the reinforcement of alliances, and the preservation of its impactful role in international discussions.

Young Entrepreneurs: Pioneering the Advancement of Dual-Use Technologies

Our Young Entrepreneurs Program is designed for passionate individuals aged 18 to 30, who are keen to innovate in the dual-use technology sector. This initiative offers a foundation for budding entrepreneurs to harness and expand their inventive capabilities, positioning them as leaders in technological evolution and societal enhancement.

Creating the Future: The Transatlantic Emerging Leaders Program for Global Youth Empowerment

The Transatlantic Emerging Leaders (TEL) Program is dedicated to cultivating leadership qualities in young professionals aged 18 to 30. The TEL Program operates in partnership with Governments and notable institutions across Canada, the US, and Europe, including NATO, the EU, and YATA International. University students and professionals in the early stages of their careers from these regions are invited to participate, fostering cross-cultural leadership and collaboration.

Past Events

FutureSec 2023 Youth Summit

Monday Nov 27 & Tuesday Nov 28 2023

The FutureSec 2023 Youth Summit in Ottawa, Canada, organized by PIF in collaboration with NATO, YATA International, Carleton University, and AWS, on November 27-28, 2023, seeks to enhance transatlantic ties in security and innovation. Featuring keynotes, panels, and roundtables with contributions from government, academia, and industry experts.

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