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Emerging Leaders & Young Entrepreneurs

The Policy Insights Forum presents the Emerging Leaders and Young Entrepreneurs Program for individuals aged 18 to 30, focusing on the nexus between international security and dual-use technologies. Recognizing the importance of young leadership in the evolving landscape of international security, the program emphasizes the significance of technologies with both civil and military applications, such as AI and biotech.

It merges theoretical understanding with practical application, encouraging young entrepreneurs to drive responsible innovation in this sphere. By integrating diverse youth perspectives, the initiative fosters inclusive dialogue, promotes informed decision-making, and champions collective action to meet global security challenges. In essence, this program aims to empower the youth, ensuring a more informed and cohesive global future in the realm of security and technology.

Canada's Emerging Leaders: Shaping a Secure and Collaborative Global Future

The Emerging Leaders Program by PIF consists of a dynamic cohort aged 18 to 30. It not only represents Canada's upcoming generation but also signifies the promise of a safer global future. The insights and active engagement of these young individuals play a pivotal role in shaping Canada's evolving role in global affairs and its relationships with organizations like NATO. Through these emerging leaders, we emphasize Canada's steadfast dedication to worldwide security, the cultivation of alliances, and the maintenance of our country's influential presence in global dialogues

Young Entrepreneurs: Shaping the Future of Dual-Use Technologies

The PIF's Young Entrepreneurs Program is a groundbreaking initiative tailored for individuals aged 18 to 30, striving to fuel passion and innovation in the realm of dual-use technologies. By providing a platform for young visionaries to explore and develop their entrepreneurial potential, we aim to propel the next generation of leaders to the forefront of technological advancement and societal progress.

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