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The Policy Insights Forum (PIF) partners with policy think-tanks and government organizations in Canada, the U.S. and abroad.

Influence and Shape Policy Decisions

As a partner, your organization would gain a direct line to policymakers and thought leaders. By actively participating in the PIF, you have the opportunity to voice your perspectives, share research findings, and influence policy proposals. Engaging at this level ensures that your organization’s concerns and priorities are addressed and integrated into policy discussions and decisions.

Access to Diverse Knowledge and Expertise

PIF typically brings together a broad range of stakeholders, including experts, researchers, government officials, and industry leaders from various fields. This provides partner organizations with a unique opportunity to gain insights from diverse viewpoints, understand emerging trends, and access cutting-edge research. This not only broadens the knowledge base of the partner organization but also aids in making well-informed decisions in their respective fields.

Enhanced Credibility and Visibility

Affiliation with PIF can bolster an organization’s reputation. By actively contributing to policy dialogues and initiatives, a partner organization can position itself as a thought leader and advocate in its sector. This can lead to increased trust from stakeholders, potential collaborations with other institutions, and better visibility in both local and global arenas. Engaging with PIF can, therefore, significantly elevate an organization’s standing in the policy ecosystem and beyond.

By partnering with us organizations can stay at the forefront of policy discussions, leverage a rich network of experts and influencers, and make meaningful contributions to shaping the future of their respective sectors.


Our Government Partners

The Policy Insights Forum is proud to collaborate with the Government of Canada, encompassing multiple Departments, Agencies, and Crown Corporations in our programming. Our shared objective is to actively engage diverse stakeholders, including the private sector, academic institutions, and foreign governments, in constructive dialogues surrounding crucial policy matters and issues. This collaboration underscores our commitment to fostering a whole-of-society approach to policymaking, ensuring that insights and perspectives from all sectors are considered in the policy development process.

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Our International Partners

Collaborates with international entities, including NATO and the EU, as well as allied governments like the US and Belgium, to engage Canada’s private sector, academia, and governmental bodies on policy-related discussions and challenges.

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Our Media Partners

The Policy Insights Forum appreciates our strategic partnerships, notably with the Canadian Defence Review (CDR). Together, we engage in policy events and contribute to the CDR magazine, sharing our expertise with a broad audience. We’ve also partnered with tech leader Samuel Technologies to explore formats like online events, video casts, and podcasts, ensuring a diverse and seamless media experience. With our partners, we aim to drive impactful policy discussions.

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Become a Partner

We partner with Policy Think Tanks the US and Abroad. If your organization is seeking professional partnerships with Canadian Think-Tanks and NGOs, we would like to hear from you.

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