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November 10, 2023

Transatlantic Emerging Leaders (TEL)

Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt
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Transatlantic Emerging Leaders (TEL) brings together the next generation of leaders to shape the future of transatlantic relations, global security, and international cooperation by empowering them with the knowledge, skills, and networks required to address the complex challenges of our interconnected world.

TEL is committed to cultivating strong and enduring bonds with transatlantic allies on both continents, fostering emerging leadership by acting as a platform to encourage innovative thinking and promoting global peace and cooperation through research, advocacy, and educational programs that contribute lasting impacts to global security and diplomacy for a safer world.


“We are pleased as part of the Policy Insights Forum (PIF) and our new Forum d’intelligence politique (FIP) initiative to introduce a dedicated youth platform within the framework of the PIF-FIP as a means to bridge transatlantic relationships between generations and emerging leaders on both continents.”

Goran Pesic, Chair, Policy Insights Forum

"I'm delighted to see that the Transatlantic community is expanding. For us, TEL represents fresh starts and a growing audience.  The Alliance's culture of cooperation, involvement, and understanding will grow stronger than ever as we continue to invest further in our youth. The Youth Atlantic Treaty Association looks forward to advancing collaboration in the future.”

Selin Yılmaz, President, YATA International

“It is with great pride that I accept this new responsibility as President of TEL-LTE. Breathing new life into transatlantic youth and helping to reinforce the ties between our allied nations is at the heart of my commitment. In this new role, I will focus on elevating the visibility, influence, and impact of our Alliance, further complimenting my existing mandate at the Samuel Group regarding European and NATO Affairs.”

Aliénor Peyrefitte, President, Transatlantic Emerging Leaders

"I look forward to shaping the future of transatlantic relations and global security by promoting emerging leadership and driving new ideas while ensuring the effective operations of our organization for a safer, more interconnected world."

Jonas LeBlanc-Wilmink, Secretary General, Transatlantic Emerging Leaders

"I am delighted to join TEL-LTE to empower the next generation of decision-makers by building lasting bonds and fortifying relationships among our allied nations. I look forward to advancing partnerships with key stakeholders and champions of change to support committed young leaders across the Alliance’s government, industry, and academia.”

Louis E. Romet, Vice-President of Partnerships & Membership, Transatlantic Emerging Leaders

Transatlantic Emerging Leaders: Jonas LeBlanc-Wilmink, Aliénor Peyrefitte, Louis E. Romet

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