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November 13, 2023

Royal Alberta United Services Institute & PIF to Promote Canadian Perspectives on Emerging Trends in Defence & Security

Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt
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A shared mandate of bringing diverse communities together to influence ideas and perspectives on emerging trends in global and regional security and defence has led to collaboration between the Policy Insights Forum (PIF) and Royal Alberta United Service Institute (RAUSI). A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) concluded earlier this month formalized this initiative.

The agreement aims to utilize the collective networks of the two organizations to bridge the East-West gap in Canada and create programming for young professionals, entrepreneurs, officers, and Indigenous youth and underrepresented groups interested in participating and learning about the Defence and Security sectors.

A central component of the MOU involves cultivating networks of ‘influencers’ in civil society to research, publish and discuss issues in 21st century security and defence, with a view to influence and inform public debate.

"In the spirit of collaboration and shared vision, the MOU between PIF and RAUSI signifies a progressive step forward. Together, we seek to amplify the voices of Canadian defence and engage the vibrant energies of our youth. This partnership is not just an event—it's a testament to our commitment to policy advancement and the promise of tomorrow,"

remarked Goran Samuel Pesic, PIF Chairman.

Led by the PIF Chair, Goran Pesic and RAUSI President, Dr. Joe Howard, the two parties will be organizing both physical and hybrid networking and social events in the National Capital Region and in Calgary. They also seek to sponsor learning and placement opportunities for young defence and security minded Canadians.

Both organizations recognize the profound impact of this alliance and are committed to the principles outlined in the MOU. While not legally binding, the MOU stands as a testament to the shared goals and values between the PIF and RAUSI.

“Success in responding to future threats to Canada’s safe and secure environment requires holistic defence and security policies and practices. Marshalling the energy, talent and perspectives unique to next-generation thinkers, operators and influencers will enable that success. These strengths lie in Canada’s potential in its technological expertise and in the ambition of its youth and Indigenous communities. RAUSI looks forward to collaborating with the Policy Initiative Forum in mobilizing these assets to advance defence and security models.”

Dr. L. Joseph Howard, President, RAUSI.

For further information, please contact Aliénor Peyrefitte, Executive Office Manager for the Policy Insights Forum.

About the PIF

The Policy Insights Forum (PIF) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization with a commitment to facilitating meaningful Canadian public policy discussions regarding national defence, international relations, emergent disruptive technologies, climate change, and the economy.

The PIF helps improve public policy and decision-making through independent research, analysis, and engagement. The PIF is committed to facilitating meaningful public discourse on strategic over-the-horizon issues of importance to Canada and the world.

About the Royal Alberta United Services Institute (RAUSI):

RAUSI is a Canadian-based forum for global civilians, humanitarian, military and international police communities to present original thoughts on trending issues, in their formative stages, as they relate to global security and defence.

Formed in 1920 as a think tank, RAUSI later evolved into a service organization for veterans in the decades following the World Wars. In this new era, RAUSI has evolved back into a think tank, publishing original content, curating extant articles, and sponsoring speaker’s symposia which amplify cross-disciplined models of 21st century security and defence.

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