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November 7, 2023

The Policy Insights Forum Announces Joshua Baker as the Think Tank’s Newest Research Associate

Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt
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Joshua Baker earned his Master of Arts in International Relations at Johns Hopkins University - School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and currently serves as a Research Associate with the Center of Canadian Studies at SAIS.‍

Joshua graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts with honours, specializing in history and minoring in political science. In his honours thesis, Joshua leveraged the existing military history and strategy literature to offer a fresh viewpoint on the participation of the First Canadian Army in Operation Totalize and the Normandy Campaign.

Over the years, Joshua has conducted research for significant and influential Washington-D.C.-based organizations. He served as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies, contributing to research projects on military campaigns, which included the Russia-Ukraine war. As a Research Intern at the Center for a New American Security, he specialized in the study of U.S. policy within the Indo-Pacific region and U.S.-China relations. His research contributions in the field of global security and military conflicts also extended to roles at the International Institute for Strategic Studies – Americas Office and the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission.

At the PIF, Joshua will provide valuable insights and research assistance to Geoffrey St. John, Program Director for the National Security Studies Program. His research contributions will focus on aspects of Canada’s national and global security, U.S.-Canada relations, defence, as well as international relations and treaties.

"I am excited to begin collaborating with the PIF’s prominent and brilliant team members and contributing to the organization’s thought leadership on issues of national security and defence," said Joshua. “I am grateful for the Policy Insight Forum’s Board of Directors decision to appoint me as a Research Associate.”

PIF Chair Goran Samuel Pesic said:

"I am pleased to welcome Joshua as a PIF Research Associate. The PIF team and I are eager to his research contribution and distinctive policy insights on strategic topics of critical importance to Canada, its Allies, and the world."

For more information on Joshua’s appointment and his upcoming projects with the Policy Insights Forum, please contact us at

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