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June 19, 2024

Navigating National Security in the Digital Age

Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt
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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Tony Clement invited Goran Pesic, Chairman of the Policy Insights Forum, to discuss Canada's national security strategies, particularly in relation to foreign interference and the NSICOP report, on his 'Boom and Bust 'show. This topic was thoroughly explored during the 'Bridging the Gap: Balancing Canadian National Security with Economic Prosperity' conference hosted by PIF, which covered areas such as foreign interference, cyber threats, new governmental frameworks, and lessons learned from Australia's defence strategy and other international neighbours.

Goran Pesic emphasized the intersection of national security with Canada's economy, expressing concerns about the findings of the NSICOP report and criticizing the lack of political leadership in addressing these issues effectively. He also stressed the importance of educating the public and raising awareness about existing threats, emphasizing that protecting the country is a shared responsibility.

The discussions underscored the urgent need for an integrated national security strategy and enhanced information sharing within the government and intelligence community to effectively address emerging challenges. Cyber threats emerged as a critical topic, with Goran Pesic noting their increasing complexity and the inadequate mechanisms to address them, particularly in collaboration with the private sector. The outdated CSIS Act was also highlighted, emphasizing the need for modernization to align with current technological challenges.

In conclusion, the Policy Insights Forum emphasized the need for strong political leadership to address Canada's national security challenges. The NSICOP report and cyber threats reveal significant gaps. Developing an agile, integrated strategy is crucial. Participants agreed Canada must learn from allies like Australia and the UK to pivot to emerging threats. Improving information-sharing and adopting best practices are essential for safeguarding the nation's stability.

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